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Why Choose Us

We are the leading ISP license provides in India. With over 7 years of experience,
we take a new and customer-centric approach towards ISP Licensing procedure where we provide:

Complete assistance

From explaining what and why ISP License is required to helping you get it, we are here for you from start to finish.

Affordable pricing

No ensure maximum service provides can benefit from our legal services, our fee is affordable.

Transparent costs

No costs are hidden from you. We will inform you, right from the start, the government and professional fee required. It won’t change at any stage.

Timely Delivery

We make your requirements our priority. We focus our work towards the correctness of your application which leads to acceptance.

Largest ISP Consultant in India

Indian ISP market is still budding. We have tapped into the system and through our expertise, have covered 35% of ISP Legal market.

Expert Team

We work with a team of experts that include legal, network and technical professionals. They work in tandem to provide you the ISP License on time.

Types of ISP Licenses we provide

We provide ISP License for all the categories:

ISP Category A License

Provide internet across the country with ISP Category A License.

ISP Category B License

Provide internet in one of 2 major cities with ISP category B License.

ISP Category C License

ISP Category C License: Provide internet in one city, town, village or a colony with ISP category C. License.

Documents Required

  1. Two application forms for unified license in the prescribed format.
  2. Certificate of Incorporation of the Company.
  3. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the company.
  4. Processing fee (Non refundable).
  5. Power of attorney by the resolution of the board of directors that authorizes the person singing the stamp paper.
  6. Details of the directors/promoters/shareholders of the company.
  7. Certificate of total equity detail.
  8. Foreign equity approval certificate by the government of India.
  9. Address of the registered office.
  10. Board resolution regarding statutory auditor appointment.


Yes, one company can hold more than one ISP License.

ISP or internet service providers need to obtain a specific license to be authorized to provide Internet services. It is called ISP License.

  • Choose the suitable license
  • Get information and documents
  • Filling application form
  • Submitting application form with digitally signed documents
  • Get LOI (Letter of Intent) and agreement from DOT Department
  • Submission of BG and PBG at the DOT department.
  • Get ISP License.

ISP Licence is valid for 20 years.

There is only one type of ISP License: Unified License. It is divided into three categories:

  1. ISP Category A
  2. ISP Category B
  3. ISP Category C

ISP Category A License is meant for ISPs that want to provide internet service all over the country

ISP Category B License is meant for ISPs that want to provide internet services in 20 territorial regions.

ISP Category C License is meant for ISPs that seek to provide internet service in any secondary switching area.

The complete process from filing your application to getting the Unified (ISP) license takes about 2 months.

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